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Why is there a buy to help?

logo-buybuy to help  supports social projects from non-profit organizations through the worldwide marketing of products that are prepared abiding by the "fair help" * standards - our core purpose for the enterprise.

The idea

The founder of buy to help was motivated to support social projects that are produced fairly and free from bureaucratic inefficiency. He has been involved in the field of development aid for over four decades and has held a senior position for over 10 years in an organization for development cooperation. His overall experience and knowledge led to the realization of the requirement "not only to promote sustainability but to practice".
Now buy to help is on the move by taking the marketing of the products of the social projects in their own hands and implementing production. Does the world need buy to help? Probably not, but there are too many people who need help and we at buy to help are trying within our means to make a difference.

The Concept

is as simple as it is effective - we practice partnerships that help themselves. Our company logo symbolizes this "cycle of giving".

buy to help supports individual projects through affiliating with organizations that manufacture products in the developing and emerging countries. Items from these projects are purchased by buy to help as long as the organizations uphold the fair standards. buy to help buys at a fair price and the products are marketed worldwide. The net proceeds of the sales are re-invested back to the participating organization. In essence, we practice what our company name means - buy to help.

* read more about fair help